Mr. Edmundo Gamboa Jr.

Total Administrative Services Corporation

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Total Administrative Services Corporation


Edmundo has been a key force in building sales, market, consulting, business development and market-leading solutions for organizations such as Cray Research Inc., HealthEquity Inc., Silicon Graphics Inc., PeopleSoft USA Inc., and WageWorks Inc. 

He is responsible for leading the strategic sales development plans and initiatives for TASC’s public transportation market segments.  In his 29 year career, Edmundo has had the success of establishing and cultivating international, commercial, educational, federal, state and local government market segments supporting and winning multimillion-dollar acquisitions in the areas of application software, computer hardware, network integration, outsourcing, internet and professional services.  His problem-solving, data-driven approach to building client relationships has helped all the companies he has represented, grow from startups to industry respected market leaders.

Edmundo’s diverse background gives him a highly analytical, quantitative approach to solving problems and this expertise as a business consultant allows him to clearly understand and articulate business problems with the same clarity and rigor.