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Christian T. Kent, Transit Management Consulting

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Christian T. Kent, Transit Management Consulting


Mr. Christian T. Kent is a charismatic change agent and turnaround specialist with a proven track record for transforming organizations. With over 32 years experience in the public transportation industry, he is a thought leader in paratransit and mobility business strategy.  Mr. Kent is best known for his senior executive role at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (serving as the accessibility chief over the nation's fifth largest paratransit service with an annual budget of $130 million and a fleet of 725 vehicles), where he delivered award-winning results (APTA Innovation Award), to include delivering a complete operational turnaround, restoring public confidence, and achieving and maintaining record-high service reliability and customer satisfaction while generating millions in savings and improved efficiency. This was accomplished through a self-designed demand management approach now being emulated by many transit agencies in the United States and abroad.

With integrity and transparency, he has developed effective working relationships with diverse stakeholder groups, to include customers and advocates; employees and organized labor; contractors and businesses; board members and elected officials; regulatory agencies and intergovernmental organizations; and the media. Highly effective at lifting "organizational self-esteem" and instilling pride and ownership in the workforce. Decisive, hands-on, data-driven management style with attention to detail and emphasis on accountability. Reputation for responsiveness, excellent customer service, quality presentation and communication skills, and building high-performance leadership teams.

Mr. Kent is dedicated to helping communities fulfill their potential and developing public transit systems that drive local economies and improve the overall quality of life.

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